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We as an Order were once a jewel within the Empire, supported by a Dark Councilor, no who held us rigidly to our original purpose. We had our pick of Sith apprentices from the Academy on Korriban, the brightest of the Imperial agents, and a generous war chest with which to hire experienced mercenaries. But this has been no more for many yeares,” the quiet but intense voice of the Sith intoned.

"We did as we were instructed, leaving everything we knew to reform a new Empire should the one we knew as home fall—as has happened before.  We colonized a planet which our research indicated was once valuable to the Rakata.  We unearthed a secret that would open an entirely new avenue of power to us.  And then we learned the Empire didn't fall.  Shamed that we didn't stand at its side, obligated by the duties of our mission, we nonetheless returned, for to do otherwise would be treason."

Those we had left behind with the Empire described the invincibility of the Zakuul...our brothers and sisters who had suffered endless defeats...those scarred by the war.  The Zakuul had proven superior, nigh unstoppable over those years. Those of our Order who had remained behind to face them left a trail of shattered ships and dead bodies as a litany of defeat, our disparate presence almost a sham.”

"Even since then, our Order has paid a lofty price in service to the Empire.  Caught attacking the Zakuul against the stipulations of an armistice treaty we did not support, we left the public eye of the Empire, withdrawing to the Outer Rim, licking our wounds, rebuilding a new foundation, and planning, always planning from the shadows.  Having returned to the Empire in the last couple of years, our recent victories against the Republic and even against Imperials who would turn on us have been easily dismissed by those who believe our service tainted, but they shall learn of our strength in time."

"Our Order maintains the strongest bonds of unity forged in fire.  Others mistake our resolve as errant hope, our patience as apathy.  We have never shirked our duty to the Empire, and we will not bend knee to the unworthy.  What others see in us may not be strength in numbers, but it is nonetheless strength of will.”

OOC:  Imperial Resurgence (IR) is an Imperial heavy RP guild on the Ebon Hawk. Though the majority of our members are Sith, we heartily welcome agents, soldiers, mercenaries, smugglers, and support characters who are able to fall within an Imperial hierarchy. Our strength is our adherence to Imperial lore and the resulting immersion it brings.  When we first formed, we felt such immersion was lacking and set out to create our own niche within the Empire. Though we have gifted veteran RPers, we welcome those new to the art or the game. As intense as the RP can become, we use guild chat and Teamspeak to socialize, relax, and have a good time OOCly.

IC:  Resurgence has gone through many changes during its years of service to the Empire.  Currently it's codenamed Resurgence, a pseudo-secretive task force that reports directly to the Imperial Court rather than to a specific sphere (OOCly allowing us to accept Sith from a wide range of spheres).  We work most directly with Defense of the Empire and Laws and Justice, undertaking investigations, bounties, and precision strikes when warranted.

IR has a fully unlocked, well-designed Guild Ship and Dromund Kaas Stronghold, the latter of which fuels our intrigue RP in Imperial space.  We feature events that include combat, infiltration, and political intrigue. We also have an ongoing metaplot built on the actions of our members in events. 

Please use our Guild Wiki to locate any available information on the guild.  It also has a section for New Member Information.

New Stronghold: Manaan

Renaiel a posted Jul 12, 17

While the deco hooks leave much to be desired, Bioware released a new stronghold yesterday! Currently, we're discussing options for decorating it, whether we should use it as a guild base or notoffer your two cents on the forums!

Zareh Promoted to Officer!

Talorn ao posted Jul 11, 17

Zareh has been promoted to officer!  Anyone who knows her would be aware that despite a demanding work schedule and late hours, she still somehow manages to remain connected to what's going on in the guild.  She brings experience from other guilds including a hardcore Sith guild that allowed player-kills and in-fighting, as well as an academy guild.  In short, she's seen what works and what doesn't work in guilds!  She's very good at identifying problems or ways to do things better.  She's always been vested in our members most of all, but also our with our combat system and stronghold layouts.  

This promotion has been a long time coming, but Zareh insisted that she transition past her surge in work hours from the past six months as well as prove to the guild family that she was worthy of this. She—like Renaiel and myself—understand that officers serve as caretakers of a guild.  We protect the time, effort, and credits that our members invest here.

Thank you, Zareh, for stepping up to the plate!

Darth Malice faced the holo-recorder directly, dressed in dark arcane attire with lighter accents.

"We've secured a new assignment that shall become clear in the coming days. In the meantime, since departing from Chardaan, we've moved our fleet to Vaiken to re-supply before we'll return to Yavin. Shore leave shall be arranged for all but a token crew which shall be rotated out."

"You fought valiantly and demonstrated the Ninth's resolve since our return to active Imperial service. Celebrate your victory now, for we forge a new path to Imperial glory in the near future."

Reminder of event Campaign 10, Fourth Event on 2017-10-21 09:00:00 pm
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